pqdRe:Vint & StºC

pqd.denim is now pqdRe:Vint.

Founded in Fall 2009, each piece is made from recycled garments, and as such, variations in details, as well as subtle imperfections make each piece unique. We strive to merge the best in old and new, masculine and feminine, and high and low. We recycle and reclaim vintage garments and restructure them into new forms. Laid-back cool mingles with classic fabrics, creating a look that is modern, nostalgic, and environmentally conscious.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact pqdesign@me.com.

About StºC

StºC are original designs by Cherylnina Stewart,  that strives to appeal to a wide variety of women. We seek to flatter and emphasize– not overpower women’s personalities. Our  materials evoke luxury and richness,  and we focus on cut and fit. We design for the woman who is a bit of an urban warrior on a global stage; one who conquers the world on her own terms.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact pqdesign@me.com.

Currently, they are available at the following shops:

Edge of Urge

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