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When I am not elbow-deep in fabric and work, I frequently read a lot of style blogs on top of fashion dailies. I love the blogs of the bloggerette super stars, or street fashion ones where the photographer take amazing pics of the same blogerette super stars LOL, or MOD (models off duty)! And I DIE to have a smidge of the essence of their style. They manage to incorporate VERY well current trends, and work it with their personalities, and make it all seamless. As of late, there is a cookie-cutter style tho, that is splashed everywhere at this point (kinda model-off-duty/ boho) and you wonder if that person wearing all of that truly lives life that way or just likes to look like it. It seems much more difficult I think, to look EXPENSIVE (w/o the spending the actual $), stylish and a little rough around the edges– which is why I think I am drawn to these style masters:



and currently, I have an insane girl-crush at Elin of Styleby ❤ (perhaps because I already dress like her– except she has far more better taste!)

Images via TFS, gastrochic, streetFSN, hanneli, the man repeller, styleby.