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Currently salivating over the new Erin Meets Zadig collection that’s dropping in stores (in Paris blech) for AW11. Just going through the look book, I keep thinking how very smart that models whose street styles are admired are capitalizing on… themselves, by pairing up with brands and making “collections” based on their… style.

Wasn’t it Kate Moss, also very famous for her street style (well, for a LOT of things too), who started it? She famously “designed” for Topshop for the last few years up until last season. But apparently, she was taking her favorite things out of her own closet and replicating it or slightly changing it to make it better. No one cared, as her collections were always SOLD OUT. In essence, we were all lining up for those pieces, so we can have Ms. Moss’ cool, easy, style right? And clearly what I might be coveting in the Zadig et Voltaire collection is not just any t-shirt, but one that Erin Wasson might wear herself, because let’s face it, I love her style.

A few million other girls out there do too. Every time I see a round-up of the best music festival style photos, every single chick is trying to channel every Kate’s (Moss, Bosworth, Olsen, etc.) or Erin’s Coachella style, in their cut-off denims or vintage Ts. Except, um, not everyone looks as good as the originals. Of course, no one would look AS good, but what I mean is, some look like… trying hard. And that never looks good on anyone.

The point is, these amazing style setters catch our eye because there is just SOMETHING about them. Something we want for ourselves. But its rarely just the clothes they wear. That’s easy to copy, but does not guarantee the same result. Its beyond the Alexander Wang draped T. If you look closely, its the easiness, naturalness, and realness– the essence of that person that really sticks to us and everyone around them. Our style idols are dressing as themselves. As we should, too. I think that’s how real style is cultivated, developed. Its beyond the copying and credit account to buy the same piece. I think its really about being real and true to what looks good on us, and what is practical and works with our own life.

But yes, I still want that snake-print jacket Erin has on, but in my own way, of course.


Images via Zadig et Voltaire, fashionandbones.