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Maybe four years ago, I was wearing these, longer, cholo shorts, then moved the hemline higher and higher still… nearly going to Gaga territory of being pants-less. First saw them again on at Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2011, above. But in Resort 2012, two other American designers and arbiters of The Next IT Thing, Alexander Wang and 3.1 Philip Lim (I mean, honestly these two designers, also retail giants, move merchandise and trends like its nobody’s business and have a pulse on what women  really want), they showed a few looks with the longer short, cut slim, almost like surfer board shorts. Trendsetters will probably be wearing these come fall and winter with layers, then a few braver souls will try them next summer 2012, but we’ll really see if this trend is a mainstay when in Summer 2013, we’ll see them on every pavement in the US. (Which really means the trendsetters have moved on again.)

All images via Style.com