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T-minus 3 days ’til our WELCOME TO THE VALLEY: A RE:VINT & STºCBYCHERYLNINASTEWART TRUNKSHOW SS11 at Edge of Urge! That’s May 1st Sunday in case you didn’t realize 🙂

Aside from the one-of-a -kind fashion, raffles, we have in store for everyone who attends, we are also doing some mighty special things that will make this unforgettable!

One of them is having your snap shot taken by our vintage Polaroid camera! We’re going old, old style cool here– no iPhone apps applied!

Stop and smile with our pretty model photographer, Kaitlin and receive your own instant photo of your mug, like these:

Along with your bubbly mimosas, enjoy some sushi, as well as delectable desserts from the gastronomically wonderful Sugar on Front St.! YAY!!!!