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Have been looking for a fedora for a while, for so long, I actually have developed Fedora Jealousy from other lucky individuals who seem to have the perfect ones… Its mostly for when it rains– I have a weirdness about getting my hair wet 😦 Today, I decided to check out a local vintage store to see what I can find… ah it was heaven! There were several ones that I liked, but Eddie, one of the wonderful store owners helped me figuring out how hats such as these are supposed to fit and finally settled with this one…. I LOVE it! It has some nice little plumes on one side… Do you like it? And wearing my  Snakebite leggings that I got a while back…. which I love so much I have to keep myself from wearing it to bed 🙂 Enjoy the spring weather today!

Wearing Snakebite leggings, silk vint shirt, vint fedora, Chloé sunglasses, Nine West gladiators (old).