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My heart has a soft spot for major jewelry. Yes, it has a spot for major shoes, avant-garde designers, not so much handbags, but the spot for jewelry has been steadily growing lately. Since last summer, I’ve been collecting talismans actually, in sterling silver or gold, crystals and semi-precious and precious stones… an antiques jeweler once told me they, ‘give good energy’ and that was it for me! So can you imagine how dilated my pupils became when I saw Pamela Love’s jewelry presentation for Fall/Winter 2011. Can time move forward any faster? Let’s skip spring and summer!

The diaphanous dresses (by Erin Featherstone?), crystals jutting out of the ground reminded me of Superman’s home planet, Krypton actually! But the mad color-streaked hair and the actual jewelry pieces themselves made me think of Wicca, pagan, ancient, nature. I haven’t read the Love’s press release yet, but whatever it says, I want to walk around with silvery blue eye shadow across my face with crystals jutting out of gold bangles and pentagrams.

Finally, I am already saving for this Wolverine-esque talon ring that encompasses a few knuckles! (Drool…)

Images via PamelaLoveNYC