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Inspired by the beautiful asymmetry of waterfalls, the shape of the water as it cascades down to hit the surface of rocks and dirt, is what inspired me for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection for StºC. Thinking about the textures surrounding waterfalls, the rocks, the moss, the pebbled dirt made it really fun for us to seek materials that evoke these as well. For this collection, we used soft, distressed (faux) leather materials, crepes, for its visible texture as well as its opacity of being somewhat sheer, burnout fabrics, and soft moss-like (faux) suedes. While we were looking for some hardness and toughness, each piece uses baby-soft materials– to hopefully convey the strength and power of this natural force of nature, as well as its soft loveliness. StºC colors are a bit more this season, than our F/W2010 all-black palette. We’ve clearly branched out and used mossy greens, distressed browns, off-whites, reptilian greens, a jolt of peachskin red, and of course, black. The fabrics all skim and fall softly– suggesting, not revealing– on the body mimicking how water falls and traces its way over surfaces.

On Feb 25th, StºC will be part of a group of designers staging a fashion show to benefit Jeff Reynold’s documentary. The show CORPUS will be held at Sputnik Bar. This will also serve as the debut for the StºC SS2011 “Waterfalls” collection– please come and see it!