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Once, I tried to catch Scott Schumann in action by hanging out in SoHo– right next to bisous ciao., a macaron bakery 🙂 I discovered his blog soon after it started, and I’ve been a fan ever since. The photos weren’t glossy or airbrushed. It was life as it happens– it just so happens his subjects are marvelously attired. That is the whole point of the blog, of course. But he notices exquisite details: a turned up collar, the shortened hem on a pair of pants, a cuff on a sleeve. Artists usually collect tiny details like that, and that somehow starts a tumble of a domino of ideas of a bigger picture in their head. I love how in the interview, he likes the fact that people can comment on how another person is dressed that day, of course this can turn catty, but surprisingly, the people who leave comments on his blog are very intelligent, perceptive and highly qualified to be leaving insightful comments about the post in the first place! Very odd, and very refreshing. But I think that is the attraction to The Sartorialist, in the first place, a place to discuss, dissect and just be visually inspired. Honestly, I have come away from his site feeling happy, and wanting to see more.