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Every time, the New Year rolls along, I end up getting into this redecorating mode in my home. Must be some subconscious shift in my psyche but I spend the dead of winter buying and selling my furniture and moving pieces around! The walls in my home still has a lot of negative space, and although I have tried tackling this one room at a time, sometimes it never turns out cohesive with the rest of the house. Cohesiveness in ideas and design is pretty necessary, actually its the MOST important thing to remember, better than having anything expensive,  because if rooms don’t ‘flow’ you end up looking cheap and knick knack-y. This is why most people who care about style and decor end up hiring interior designers because these designers can do it the best and quickly– although they do add to the cost of redecorating.

After spending a great amount of time on Ebay yesterday morning, I pretty much figured out every piece of print or artwork that I wanted is way out of what my purse can afford (sayonara, Takahashi Murakami). While a few years ago, I was intent in making spaces in my home as neutral as possible, I am NOW attracted to prints and color. Now, while I may dress monochromatic, in my 10+ years of designing for various media, I understand the relationship of print and color THE BEST. Others find it daunting, but I think its instinctive bravery of exploring the unknown has made me play with it the most. Now, I am thinking of Uzbek Ikats and other prints– since I can’t afford expensive art work, on googling Hermés scarves, I thought how beautiful, it should be framed! Well, looking at these examples here, mine is not an original idea, which is great for an interior novice like me as there are plenty of examples out there!

Going through about a hundred thousand scarves on Ebay, I figured the best to hang would probably be vintage prints. You don’t want someone coming into your home wearing the same scarf you have on your wall!!! LOL Just search for vintage Hermés, Chanel, Gucci… Its funny but you also run into a little fashion history, that a lot of fashion houses that are considered chic today didn’t exist 20 years ago, or was relegated to only carrying niche items ( think, Gucci = equestrian wear). I found discontinued  or original designers like, Schiaparelli, Guy Laroche, Anne Klein… and the biggest name that I’ve been so ecstatic to discover is textile designer Vera Neumann (1907-1993). When you start searching on Ebay or Etsy, you will discover this lady has the landscape of scarves back in the 50s-70s taken over! Its pretty amazing the range of her designs! My favorites would be her great use of print and pattern– colors that never look like they should go together look fantastic on a 26″ x 26″. Coincidentally, she is having a revival, as Anthropologie is carrying some of her prints, and she has a book out, “VERA, The Art and Life of an Icon,” I can’t wait to get myself a copy!





Images via ApartmentTherapy.com, fibercopia, theLoveList.net, Casasugar.