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Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I have shopped for clothing this year, I have been inundated with so much work! Plus, being a designer, I’m lucky to be able to make anything that I can’t find in my closet 🙂 Since things have calmed down a bit, I’ve had time to peruse around, online and around town. Today, I was very lucky enough to stumble upon this incredibly well-preserved vintage Pendleton jacket that fits me like a dream! Actually, I have been looking for a similar jacket since three years ago, when I saw Judy wearing a vintage CDG on her blog:



Also found today was this sheer black dress, which I think will be nice over a black bodysuit.

It reminded me of this Ann Sofie Back number, when I saw it peeking in a sea of clothes:



This vintage fur cape has got to be the best find of all, scored on Ebay, while everyone else was out on Black Friday! It was a great deal, plus the quality is indescribable! I think someone had bought it and forgot it in their closet back in the 30s. I don’t wear fur unless its vintage, and I don’t mind doing minor mending, like re-sewing the lining.


My inspiration on setting out to find this cape actually came from this photo of Dagen of Stockholm Street Style, although hers is Isabel Marant. So, while  I have not shopped for myself all year, I feel like I’ve made up for it with these super amazing finds!

Images via AtlantisHome, Ann Sofie Back, StockholmStreetStyle.