Luxirare author Ji is my all-time favorite bloggers. Unlike many others who does outfit posts or fashion images (me included), she makes her clothing AND cooks her own food. You’re thinking, ‘what’s the big deal of cooking your own food?’ well, all the food pictured here, Ji made by hand (except the bread which she admits to have bought) and she also took these very professional looking food photos. How do we know she makes these food by hand? Because she photographs each step of the making process, so that us mere mortals will be able to half-ass pull one together– insane right? She does both making clothes (and recently, accessories) and food SO well, I am actually at a cross points as to which one she does better. Check her out, Luxirare rarely disappoints! P.S. I’ve tried to cull together from her blog entry the recipe for this amazing looking slider. Please refer here if you make it and find it incomplete!

Spicy Tuna Mixture (for the patty)

ground toro (you can use lean tuna)

kewpie mayo

sriracha sauce

diced scallions

panko breadcrumbs

  1. Patties are panfried
  2. Try not fry these too much so that they don’t overcook inside
  3. Its good to freeze them for 10 minutes ahead of time so that when they fry, the least amount of heat penetrates the meat.

This stack includes:

Shiso leaf, avocado, pickled ginger, pickled radish, cucumber, salmon eggs, and scallion.





All via Luxirare.