The National – Conversation 16 by user3565540


My head hurts when I try to remember how many times I have shorn my hair like 60’s American actress Jean Seberg’s (her most famous film was Breathless), expecting not only the pixie cut, but my face to be magically replaced by her angel face! Yes, slightly delusional, but you can’t fault a girl for wishing a bit of herself was like Jean. Ms. Seberg exudes a sort of grace,  gamine charisma, and quiet beauty that is hard to place these days. On another note, I’m crushing on the band, The National– blame it on my weakness for clever lyrics and Nick-Cave sounding singers.

http://srv0110-06.oak1.imeem.com/g/p/9f7520a937d1fd7ae55e24130dc8205e_web.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.chromehorse.net/images/2007/2007061.jpg



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