Sometimes, I get a funny feeling, that life isn’t made up of random actions or events, but predestined ones. Everything about yesterday was, thinking back, all about that:

Noon. Carrying a newly (if badly) hemmed Cynthia Rowley drop waist dress that needed to be steamed professionally. Earlier, I had attempted to do it myself and it just ended badly. Hence, the need to get it pressed professionally.

Also needed a bang trim, so headed to my usual-girl’s salon. Drove around the corner hoping to find a dry cleaner’s. Found one but they couldn’t give me back my dress ’til next day. Shop girl suggested I try another dry cleaner down the road. Off I went and dress was perfectly pressed in ten minutes!

One-thirty. Getting bangs trimmed by another girl at salon since my usual didn’t come in ’til four p.m. Does not like outcome. Flabbergasted to find out it cost me $18 to get my bangs badly trimmed. Double unhappiness.

Walked to JCrew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor to see if I could find some costume jewelry to accessorize dress with. No luck. Hurried to car as fat raindrops started falling. Another big thunderstorm.

Two-fifteen. Forgot needed to go to Target for er, supplies. As soon as I got inside the clouds unleashed a million gallons of water straight from the sky. Started to walk around to wait out rain.

Three o’ clock. In car on my way home. Except, before I get to the highway, there is a miles-long line of cars coming from all directions. Sat in car for twenty minutes and moved 5 feet. Turned around to wait out traffic jam in town.

There’s a little antiques store in front of my favorite pseudo-sushi restaurant that I always, ALWAYS make a note to visit, that I decided to finally do since I had nothing but time. The reason I have always wanted to check it out is that they had beautiful antique rosaries by the window.  Inside, I discovered there were HUNDREDS in crystal, wood, resin, sterling silver, pearl, brass, 14K gold, and rubies. Twenty minutes quickly pass, another quarter in the meter, and I had narrowed my selection down to two similar crystal rosaries to wear as a necklace. The crystals were so clear, despite the obvious age of them. One of the crystal rosaries was made of brass, the other sterling silver. It took me another twenty minutes, and a few (unanswered) phone calls (where are people when you need them?), to make a final decision on the sterling silver one you see here– a decision finalized after checking off  a long list of  personal criteria.

As the very patient owner finalized the sale, I told him the sterling silver one had good weight to it, I could feel it was there. He said silver had good energy. This was hippy-dippy info I wasn’t expecting a seemingly buttoned up type but I was glad to know that! Wondered why so many rosaries had crystal beads and it was very interesting what I found out.

In hindsight, I am very glad of how things turned out. It was like those Choose Your Adventure books I enjoyed as a child! All the detours and unplanned stops brought me to what I feel like, I really needed, and reunited me to what I had lost track of. (When I was a kid, I used to take my grandma’s rosary and wear it as a bracelet when I went to bed since I was a scared of the dark). And finding out all this information about crystal and gemstones, how they channeled energy makes a lot of sense NOW. Last night, I slept with my new antique rosary and, I didn’t get the nightmares that’s been plaguing me for a week!

Definitely, check out the antiques shop on South Front St. as they have so many amazing things in there!

Antique crystal and sterling silver necklace with UO bodysuit.