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charlotte gainsbourg + beck – heaven can wait by vitorag

All Patti Smith photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe

They may be born many years  apart, but these two chicks have the same gracefulness and vibe: Patti Smith, the original and Charlotte Gainsbourg, the French ingenue. While I am more familiar with Charlotte Gainsbourg, as actress and muse to Balenciaga designer, Nicholas Ghesquiere, her role as musician is new to me (she recently performed at this year’s Coachella). Of course, who does not know Patti Smith? (Even if you say you don’t, you HAVE heard this song!) Her style is original, to say the least. When I was younger, I played Horses ’til the tape deck spewed it back out! Summer usually means music for me, and I think I will be discovering and re-discovering these two.

Charlotte Gainsbourg by Kate Barry