Oh. There is just such sadness that wells up in me when I think about how one of the most inspiring visionaries in fashion has gone. Truly, I am breathless and speechless. Regardless whether one loves fashion or not, one cannot help be have a visceral reaction to Alexander McQueen’s designs. His last collection (see, here) of truly graphic prints had me smiling at his genius– if you take another look, the patterns look like colorful, symmetrical anaconda’s draped over the model’s bodies.

Pardon my sentimentality, but I still remember the very FIRST time I found out about this genius of a man. (That issue of Vogue must still be in my parent’s house preserved in a little corner somewhere!) I think he was being featured with a few new designers, but I cannot help but remember his name since he truly captured the mood of the time– Carolyn Murphy was the It model, with her pixie cut, and she was wearing his ‘bumster’ pants. Pants named so, since they were SO. LOW. they showed a little posterior cleavage! My sister and I searched high and low for something similar, because they were just so outrageously PERFECT: not too baggy, not too skinny, very low as I have mentioned, but straddles the fine line of sexy and tomboy. Ah. That single page editorial is forever seared in my brain.

The editorial above was photographed by the great Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar. Its also one of my favorite collections from McQueen. To me, it tells a story of the gorgeous, haunting Natalia shipwrecked alá The Piano, her beautiful gown, tattered and perfect. And that is what I like the most, his brain is full of stories and I am fascinated at how perfectly they are siphoned onto the reality of well-made dresses and pants and shirts. He is like The Sandman, he made us dream.

Mr. McQueen, you will be missed where ever you are. Condolences to his loved ones left here.