The lack of posting is a direct result of this story board, among others. “Heaven Can Wait” is one of my inspirations. I think its the direct opposite of all the black, gothic-ish mood from last Fall/Winter, and frankly, the last few seasons before that. Its all about softness, as you can see, with the only hard edge coming from leather and small metal hardware. These swatches of small floral prints, paisley, etoile, and stripes are just some of the actual prints I am thinking of using- and I truly looked for that ‘faded’ wash the denim and swatches have. By the way, the gorgeous photo of the “muse” was taken last year by Garance Doré– so pretty!

Warm weather will soon be upon us (cross fingers), and just thinking about it has prodded me to get off my arse and start making some new stuff! So, yes I have been trekking skipping my way to fabric stores, ordering supplies I have never used and will be experimenting with for the first time– quite exciting despite body pains from being hunkered down from all the pinning, sewing, making! Hopefully, I can show them to you soon!