Since its a new year, and did you know, even a new decade, the pqdesign,inc website needed some overhaul. It took me a couple of days, but its LIVE! It seemed necessary to make it more streamlined and cleaner. I wanted everything to be accessible right away and easier to navigate. The original website took a lot longer to create, had a lot more pages, but I felt it was hard to go through the breadth of work that I had created. Hopefully, the new website took care of all these. Also, while working on pqdesign, inc. 2.0, I did realize that all my work is a decade’s worth! That is pretty unbelievable to me– but I think all my wrinkles show it! So please check out the redesigned pqdesign,inc!

You remember this old guy, don’t you?

This one was close, but no cigar! It was just too sparse for my tastes.