It may be that I will always be a preppy deep, deep, deep inside my heart. All those years dressed as one might probably never go away, no matter how many layers of Rick Owens I pile on. In the last few years, after receiving multitudes of J.Crew catalogs each season, I have been totally won over!  I found myself  spreading pages of the catalog wide open while I inspect, reflect and pick apart looks for days and days. (My favorite ones get saved up along with my other paraphernalia of inspirations.) In fact, as of late, I have started welcoming back long-banished preppy-ish staples like oxfords and chinos (funnily enough, mostly shopped from J.Crew men’s department). Because if Erin Wasson, the ultimate model-off-duty,  can look properly preppy-fied whilst looking absolutely cool, then anyone can. The one to thank is J.Crew’s creative director extraordinaire, Jenna Lyons’, who’s personal style may be the one spilling onto the pages, the styling and the company’s winning looks. J.Crew are you hiring?

Read the interview here from The Huffington Post article by Rachel Strugatz.