Its been a while since I have been interested in any new pair of jeans. After all, how many skinny jeans does one need? For the last two years, I think it has been the year of the leggings. And how can woman-kind not embrace this stretchy, comfortable, replacement of real pants! Especially when retailers have started manufacturing winter versions that are as thick and substantial as any pair of jeans. This summer, the jean-legging– or, jeggings– reared its head and was embraced by almost everyone, it seems. But it was only until the Spring/Summer 2010 collections, did I start to notice how every major fashion designer out there seems to have its own denim look. Its most probably the recession that has triggered this ‘working man’ look, denim being one of the most prevalent piece of clothing no one can be without. However, the real difference in the jeans are the rise. For many seasons now, designers have been loving the harem (drop crotch) pant. Its been incarnated in every existing piece of fabric out there. To see this cut on a pair of jeans is pretty exciting! You can see it here in Chloé, Ralph Lauren, Helmut Lang and Rag & Bone. Its pretty subtle, but its there. Actually, after being so smitten by this skinny-slouch denim look, I hunted down a pair. (We’ll see how it translates to real life when I receive it next year.)