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Page from my sketchbook

When I started this blog, I had initially thought it was going to be all about professional art news and updates from around the world. As it is evolving, its become more fashion and style oriented. And to tell you the truth, this is my biggest problem. Maybe because since I was ten or so, after watching a Donna Karan runway show, I had felt like it was my destiny to work in fashion. Even young, I had artistic tendencies– I could always draw, create patterns, differentiate various hues of colors, etc.– and it was easy to direct all those tendencies towards illustrating clothing. Thousands of hours were spent drawing folds, patterns, stitches, and styles of every piece of clothing imaginable. This was all before I reached college. By this time, I had began training myself by being able to tell by sight if a piece of clothing is of quality or not. It would take many years of going through magazines, my dad’s closets, upscale boutiques, for me to become good at it. I imagine thats how art curators learn how to tell a fake Mona Lisa from the original: many years of practice and being exposed around the best. And so I have become good at telling quality, based on the fabric, the finish, the cut, the fit. I guess there are also slight or even subliminal signs, maybe the color or the drape.

Of course, the more your expose yourself around varied designs, designers. it becomes your world. You start dressing like the locals. Even though I seem to have delineated from my original path, the one I had trained myself for as a child, by becoming a graphic designer, I keep coming back to my first love which is, fashion. Its my nature, I think. Or I am such a creature of habit. Its like telling a musician to stop hearing music.  Or telling a chef to just fry an egg, don’t add any herbs, spices or ‘plate’ it. You might as well just cut off my head, because I can’t stop it. Even when I design logos or mastheads, I think about, say Dries Van Noten’s Francis Bacon-inspired colors from F/W 2009. Instead of just checking out the Pantone chips. I think this lent something unique and special to what I actually produce on the computer.

Many people, including a lot of my friends, seem to be stuck like this. They would be avid musicians or writers, but they are working in fields so far fetch from where their true passions lay, you wonder if its even the same person. At least, or so I tell myself, I work in a creative field. Or maybe its because I have no choice. I have to or I will die. (Creative people can be pretty dramatic, yes.) So I see something, whatever it is, it stirs my soul, I design, I make, clothing, banners, jewelry, photographs– whatever! Or I go into my closet and dress this way or that, to capture some mood, some THING. And the need to share– always the need! Could it be an artist thing or a basic element of human nature? Children scribble with crayons and always run to the nearest adult to show them their work. Even those who say they don’t care about the way they look, at least brush their teeth or put on something clean before they walk out the door. Maybe that’s why blogging has created an explosion of style blogs. The very best get front row seats at the fashion collections in New York, Paris, London and Milan… as well as fashion collections in the rest of the world.

Its weird, but I look at my blog stats (admit it, if you had a blog you would too!), and people seem to be more interested when I post what I am wearing on a certain day. Blogs do have a voyeuristic bend to it. Its a peephole into someone’s life, after all. So, does that mean is this what people want from this blog? Random outfits? But I suppose its because I communicate best with what I wear. My writing is not the best, I tend to go one topic to another, that it can be confusing. But I am very focused when I dress, when I design, when I create. People are often surprised, caught unawares. Which is sometimes good, if they have given me a chance to prove myself. Hard when I am at a job interview. Maybe that’s when my dressing comes in. Human Resource people are supposed to be very attuned to silent messages, little cues, right?

Then again, I  just don’t know. Maybe a fashion firm will hire me. We’ll see what else I post on here.