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Can’t deny it, can’t help myself,  pretty addicted to the softness, the beauty, the warmth, and drama of fur…. here’s some inspiration to ward off the chill:

Love how she casually wears fur, like its just any old piece of clothing, instead of a major accessory. Mink capes are actually something I have been coveting, but always think I will look like I’m going to prom or something!

Monkey fur anyone?

Japanese guys have a different kind of confidence than most Americans I’ve ever known! They have such machismo, they don’t have to be wearing t-shirts and jeans to be considered manly. As much as this guy’s gutsy confidence inspires me, I draw the line on fur with faces and feet. Its just TOO close to a real animal!!!!

Credit:  dropsnap, stockholmStreetStyle, Jak&Jil, The Sartorialist