Whilst looking for raincoats, I stumbled upon a ruffle-y, waterproof number by Undercover. Although I had seen Jun Takahashi’s runway collections before, it never occurred to me that they may be less about pomp, but more about function. Fast forward to last week, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this beyond-words, amazing skirt on ebay for, really, next to nothing! I keep thinking, WHAT A LUCKY FIND! Immediately, I had to try it on, and I have yet to take it off. The accordion pleats are unusual for skirts as of late, but the weight of the fabric keeps them completely, and utterly perfect even when I’m not standing straight. The unbelievable details on the front makes it a keeper forever, while the back has this fold, as if the skirt were a few more sizes bigger, but had to be sewn down to the size that it is. So the fold actually creates a simple mermaid hemline or a urban bustle, if you may. I also love the sewn in pockets– it reminds me of Japanese tourists 🙂 Anyway, I was really more playing around with the skirt more than anything, with these photos, but I still wore the skirt with boots (not as high) and my staple these days, a burn out shirt.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Dress Up:
Asymmetric wool sweater- DKNY
Accordion pleat silk skirt- Undercover
Boots- Guess?
Ruffle top- Zara