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As a friend suggested I dress as a pirate for halloween after my blog entry, I knew I didn’t have to stop by a dress-up store to get what I needed. For inspiration, I checked out Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2008 collection. The collection was amazing and not literal, and I figured I was not dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow. I gathered something fringey, ruffley, full silhouette, scarf, braided  hair pieces, tights, kohl-lined eyes, and the boots…

Credit: Style.com

Taken before the party  last night, actual pieces I had in my wardrobe. I had to dig up some stuff, but it took me same amount of time to get dressed– told you I dressed like a pirate… arrr … LOL What are you coming as?


Dress that I customized- Bloomingdales
Random belt
faux-leather pants- F21
Scarf- Anna Sui (which I switched later out with a paisely, fringey black version in the last photo) 
boots- 80%20