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Menswear on women is hardly groundbreaking at this point. Take a look at Katharine Hepburn or Marlene Dietrich. Although, I have stolen my dad’s soft mohair sweater in high school, my involvement with men’s style of dress never got any deeper than as of late. These days, I am snapping up actual shirts from the men’s department, alongside sweaters, belts, hats, and even shoes. And I’ve noticed that most classic men’s stuff look so MUCH better than women’s. It could be that with men’s more limited choices in clothing (as compared to women), and their finicky attitude towards shopping (not all men are actually), designers have no choice but to keep improving on the standards, or putting better quality detail or sourcing better fabrics. Anyway, while miraculously having more than five minutes of down time, I checked out picked pics (a blog on my roster but have not read lately) and turns out V. feels that same  about the subject 🙂 Here’s some of her favorite androgynous shots from all over:

Credit: Streethearts, Streetsnap, Style Slicker, Vienna Fashion Observatory

Credit: Facehunter, Facehunter, Easy Fashion, The Sartorialist