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Credit: Annie Leibovitz in US Vogue Feb. 2009

Not sure why, but part of my personal fashion aesthetic is dressing either like (A) conquistador (B) pirate on pretty random days. There have been many a time when I am about to step out the door, quickly ask anyone close by if I look like either one– usually, yes, then I tone it down some LOL This may seem funny to some, but I am forever getting drawn to clothes and aesthetics with a slightly pirate/conquistador vibe (i.e. overtly romantic, voluminous, dirty), so I was pretty happy to see a Capt’n 🙂 in Vogue last February. Above is hair genius Julien D’ys, who I now consciously aspire to dress when I am inspired. Or at least, carry on the spirit by being dressing in clothing that is purposely disheveled (not hard for me actually) and slightly distressed or falling apart. This is actually very tame ‘pirate’ kind of look forJulien, as I have also seen him in Vogue wearing a coat with giant lapels and arrr-worthy distressed boots. Below is a Steven Meisel editorial in Vogue Italia with  hair by Julien D’ys. So beautiful…. arrr…. 🙂

Credit: Steven Meisel in Vogue Italia Sept. 2009