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There’s something about the color of khaki that is really attractive to me. And there’s a certain shade that is not too yellow or brown, but somewhere in between, that makes me, well, happy. Does that sound strange? I used to own a pair of Gap khakis that was that perfect shade. Unfortunately, I think I donated it, thinking I had outgrown that style… which I’ve learnt that I didn’t. Drats. That perfect khaki shade can be further enhanced by the fabric, brushed cotton gives it a gleam that makes me think of a shiny apple. These photos that I found in my hard drive (ABOVE, taken by the Sartorialist, if I’m not mistaken, below by Garance Doré) make it unique that the shade and the type of pants are worn, not during warmer weather, but in obviously cooler one.  I am rather inspired at the clean lines and of how these ladies wear it: just polished. There’s also a certain kind of cool, confident air that surrounds them, not sure if that’s from the khaki, but I like it! Which  makes me think I am going back to a certain preppy store and buy myself a pair of khaki khakis tomorrow. 🙂