From 1945 to 1966, Arts & Architecture magazine commissioned the best architects of the day to design inexpensive but efficient model homes for the US to support the housing boom of all the soldiers coming home from WWII. These architects are pretty bold-faced names like Charles and Ray Eames, Richard Neutra, Craig Ellwood, Pierre Koenig, Raphael Soriano, and Earo Saarinen. Most of these houses got built in Los Angeles, but not all the designs were built, unfortunately! Collectively, these houses became known as Case Study Houses.

Enter life-long skater and owner of a skating shoe empire, etnies, Pierre Andre Senizergues. Along with fellow skater, Gil Le Bon De Lapointe, created, pun intended, Skate Study House, where they pretty much went into these built Case Study Homes and copied the most iconic pieces (which may explain why these look somehow familiar), using skate boarding materials. Isn’t that just the coolest thing ever?

tokyo_lounge_table comet astro

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This idea just inspires me the next time I design something that its perfectly ok to pay homage, but make it entirely my own.