The one thing I wanted to do with pqdesign,inc. is that it needed to be living, breathing and constantly updating itself. So if that image above is familiar, well THANKS for checking out my new fashion illustrations at pqdesign! If not, click on the “Illustrations” tab to see it!

Usually, I create my fashion illustrations using pen, ink, on paper and a lot of patience!  This time around, I decided to completely use a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator to accomplish the job. Using a pen tablet much like I would a pencil, I sketched my model freehand and started making adjustments in Illustrator. Also, I decided to draw the garment directly on the model– this was the real fun part! LOVED how much the lines were already clean and how I could easily make my drawings into flat technical sketches by just making a few adjustments to the illustration.

Photoshop came in handy in giving the flat drawings some depth. A fashion illustration needs to show movement and drape of the fabric. It was great to be able to “paint” shades of varying colors to achieve the folds of the fabric. I could even instantly add stitch lines accurately and perfectly every time! Usually, on paper, it takes a while to get consistent stitch marks on the drawing.

My favorite part would have to be how easily the opacity could be changed in Photoshop so I could demonstrate better the fabric I used specifically on a design. Yes, I do love a chiffon skirt, don’t you? There’s actually a lot more ease that these softwares provide easily (like changing colors with a click of a button), but what I really love is the drawings still have a freehand feel to it.