As a designer, sometimes I develop a design “style.” Even when I am working on new projects, as much as I adhere to the image and branding of that product, an artist can’t help but leave a little bit of their “stamp” behind. That is a good thing, but you also don’t want to be stale and dry. As a designer, you want to remain fresh and always relevant. Otherwise, I don’t thing you are quite as effective, and therefore should retire to the Bahamas (hey, that doesn’t sound TOO bad!). So, I’ve decided as ginger is a palette cleanser, every Sunday, I will post a design that is far from my style, yet totally admire, and even might be fascinated with. And hey, it might be something to help you designing fresh and new come Monday!

This Sunday, I would like to share the design studio Us & Them, which has caught my eye for a while. They do 4-color printing BY HAND. Totally old skool. When I imagine the amount of time and precision that goes into their art work, I can’t help but marvel at how much thought they must’ve put in every piece. Then I get a headache… ay yay yay!!!!  Cool bands seem to have noticed to: The Flaming Lips and No Doubt have commissioned them for rock posters too. Luckily for us, we don’t have to scrape their posters off dingy walls at concert halls– its available at their online store. One poster would make one cool conversation piece over the dining table, wouldn’t it?