Credit: Bill Cunningham

Give it to New York City to turn old, abandoned train tracks into its new park called, the High Line. Its beautiful, its functional and frankly, just plain, cool. Running from 14th St. to 34th St. by the Hudson River, I remember as a student, I would just pass underneath them, old, dingy, slightly dangerous looking. They were connected into buildings nearby, just abandoned old tracks. But look at it now:

This particular shot was taken by New York Times Style photographer, Bill Cunningham. As a transplanted New Yorker, I make it a point to check out his Sunday Styles page every week. The best quote about the High Line comes from him, “You don’t have to worry about this country. if people can think like these kids did in putting this thing together– you’re alright!” Him, being an 87-year old man who just happens to be a great fashion photographer who still rides his bike taking shots, and still uses an old FILM camera. Check out his Sunday’s style page here.


Credit: photo via rosinberg on flickr.